Blue on Blue

2013 Acryic on 10 ply board 24x18" From series "Chasing Picasso Dreams"


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2013

When ppl talk about silva being number 1 p4p I sorta qutseion one thing, his competition. Look who he has beaten marquart, leites, cote, Irvin, Maia( who has crap stand up) I mean don't get me wrong Silva has beaten dome tough guys like hendo, Franklin. But GSP has beaten 4 guys who have appeared on the p4p list (fitch, Penn,hughes, and alves) and shields will be his fifth!! I think to beat GSP you have to be as well rounded as him, if not better, and there aren't many guys like that.

John Cappello 07 Dec 2013

This Scene is so well balanced and flowing with such Elegance. You just gotta love this color theme!

Craig Cantrell 20 Mar 2013

I love it