Live The Moment

2013 Abstract Mixed Media Years ago when I was an up and coming young illustrator and graphic artist/designer (we used to draw, illustrate everything by hand then, no computers or art programs).. I worked with this beautiful young Chinese woman, who always amazed me with her talent and her way of dressing… as she would always show up what seemed like a part of a different costume, or head gear… always different… she used to make them and always different… and she would always ride a chopped hog (suped up motorcycle) to work… some times she would wear the shortest mini-skirts while driving that hog… a real sight, but it never bothered her what people would whisper or say about her…A real Hippie… (I knew quiet a few)… She was a good friend and I remember her always saying to me Rey Live in the moment, be happy, we are ships that pass in the night, travelers here for .. a short time… She was one of my best friends… I left that job and from time to time would run into her, and we would chat and caught up, for many years, I’d always learn something from her, I moved to Los Angeles and lost track of her. but have always tried to live the moment and not to worry about tomorrow.. yesterday is gone…and tomorrow is promised to no one, live the moment Reynaldo on 10 ply board 18x24"


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2013

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John Cappello 19 Mar 2013

This causes a Stirring that reaches Deep into the Soul. Very Relaxing Scene So well done.