Journey to Enlightenment: Nirvana

Burden of Ages hovers again Engulfing vision with delusion Blinding eyes, Lifeless it lies Entrapped in its own captivity Of false pride and vanities Shadow of Death cast upon the slumbered soul Encrusting its whole existence in a brainless puppet show Burning in caustic fire of worldly ceaseless desire Struggling for Liberty Rises a voice of freedom To set itself free from the shackles of Anarchy Freedom that is percolating through every layers of cells Liberation is the ultimate goal Nirvana is the call for life Divine With immense power of Effulgent SELF It breaks free the chains of slavery A corpse rises from dead “I am alive”, it proclaims Thrashing out fragments of evil minds Horror and terror fleds in darkest mine Freedom once again breathes in Infinity nature of Absolute Self Triumph prevails above chaotic wails Invincible power is what remains Conquering fear & drudgery With immense courage & bravery Comes out the Eternal winner Bright Pure Shining forever... Inspired by Freedom Scupture(Zenos Frudakis) Comments from Zenos Frudakis and Rosalie Frudakis. I am so honoured! Dear Ranjana I love your version of Zenos' Freedom sculpture especially as you have changed the figures to women, expressing our journey toward a better self. I also love the colors you used in the painting, the birds and rocks falling away in the background, and the faces in the background of the next section. The liberated female figure is a fine expression. Congratulations on your lovely and meaningful painting, and thank you for sharing it with us! Rosalie `````````````````````````````````````` `````````````````` This is from Zenos: Dear Ranjana, I am flattered that my sculpture, Freedom, inspired your painting. The painting is very interesting in its personal interpretation of my sculpture. Everyone seems to see something different in it, which is what they bring to it. Your painting is quite imaginative. I wish you well with your artwork. Warm regards, Zenos

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