The Strand Bike - Manhattan Beach

Bicycle leaning against lightpole with rose flowers, fence, Beach and lifeguard tower in the fog. 24x30 poster print by John Post.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 03 Dec 2019

Wow, long time ago. Your comments are much appreciated. The Strand Bike is one of my famous 'Landmark' images of the South Bay beaches. I still have a few of the poster prints available for purchase and I am still producing new images that stand the-test-of-time. Thanks again, John Post

Anonymous Guest 29 Nov 2019

I bought the “The Strand Bike” picture at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, CA, where I met John Post around 30 years ago. I have treasured that picture and display it always. He captured my youth and great memories of my South Bay beach days. The second I saw the photo 30 years ago, I knew instantly that the photo would forever bring me back to my youth and care free beach days. I’m pushing 50 years old now and every time I look at that pic, I’m brought back to wonderful memories. Thank you John Post.