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57 Belair Hardtop Cruise is Done

Mid-Fifties Modern is still holding its own down every avenue it overwhelmed. And in 1957 Chevrolet knocked the design world for a loop with the 57 Belair Hardtop. Just about everywhere i've been around this blue ball I've run across a 57 Chevy. Some were so fine. Others were showing their age. But one thing was common. Everyone knew the 57 Belair Hardtop for what it was and still is. Automotive design genius - no it's straight out Design Mastery. ~:0) I mean who in their right mind wouldn't want a bewdy of a 57 Belair Hardtop. Be careful how U answer that one. Sometimes it's best to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. The 57 Chevy in all its incarnations is arguably one of the most hot rodded rides ever. I know the 56 Belair is a great rod. Did U hear me say it wasn't. Some People! So argumentative - Ha! None-the-less, every Saturday night Cruise has its share of five-sevens. At just about every drive-in eatery sunset finds a 57 Belair rolled-up for the evening with a cowboy and his best girl or a photographer even - kicking back enjoying a salute to sundown in his or her five-7. Man that's living! One thing I know. Just about everything on the planet looks better come twilight and with that setting sun over the horizon the cool of night settles in an a cowgirl gets frisky in a hot street custom, rat rod or resto when it's a fine 57 Belair Hardtop or even convertible. That's when it's transformed into a room with a view. And that's specially out here in the Texas Hill Country round sundown when we all become part of the landscape. Soul restoration I calls it. Get a nice VivaChas print to remind U of this important goal. Get out and Cruise ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 28 Jan 2014

Superb Art that Positively Rocks & Rules!

Artist Reply: Thanks Johnny ~:0) VivaChas!

Joanie Holliday 15 Feb 2013


Artist Reply: U know what I like about the 57 Joanie - Everything - Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!