When I was painting this watercolor, I did not know whether the red-haired girl in Pre-Raphaelite inspired garment should be sad or just thoughtful, whether she should be a young human imagining herself a Fae or an ageless water spirit longing for the warmth of mortal embrace. What I knew was that I wanted to express the tranquility of early morning, its colors and forms, melancholy mixed with hope, dreams born out of stillness, new stimuli revealing themselves and fresh designs unfolding while the thoughts are still lingering on the edge between the new day and yesterday. I am afraid that the mist will lift and my nymph will disappear without a word, leaving me alone with all my questions and uncertainties... Well, what are spirits and faeries and nymphs but mirrors of our own inner world, always changing and horribly bad at posing for a portrait :) All content Copyright © Celebrinloth

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Elizabeth Lindberg 15 Feb 2013

Very lovely work!!

Artist Reply: Tanks a lot! :)