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Ford Hot Rodney Special

Imagine - If U Will - a race-car so dangerous that today's racing industry won't let it compete.  Well, I guess they would let 100 year old antique autos compete in one of those "Old-Timer" races.  But - they'd still have to meet some minimum standards.  For one thing the original tires (tyres) for these Ford Hot Rod Racers had cotton fibers reinforcing them.  Today we use stuff like steel - kevlar(R) - and polyester meshes to strengthen rolling rubber.  And U thought those road donuts that held ur ride up were only made of rubber.  Ha - they're not even made of rubber so there.  Tires are made from petroleum - real rubber though very hip just doesn't hold up to today's hot-foots! ~:0) Again - imagine doing a 100 mph (for u metrixers multiply 100 time ur ego and divide by ur fave French pastry and u should come up with 22-light- years~:0)  Anyway - imagine doing 100 mph in an old Ford hot rod down a cobble-stone track on tires 3 or 4 inches wide and U might just get some understanding of the guts ur Great-Grand-Dad had back-in-the-day - Woof! While ur at it take a look at the safety equipment on the Ford Hot Rodney Special just as it was back in the megalithic age.  Nice horn! - No Seat-belts - Mechanical Brakes for crying out loud!!!  Must have taken about a quarter-mile (for metrix users - take a hike - Ha!) Nah U guys love U all like brothers - really.  Metrix is the wave of the future for sure. We lived in both the SAE & Metrix worlds and not much diff except for the confusion ~:0) Anyway back to the land of dreams - must have taken a quarter-mile to stop the thing from sixty!  And correct me if I'm wrong, but the ol' rugged Ford Hot Rodney Special only has rear brakes.  Let's make that sixty down to zero estimate closer to a half-mile.  Why that pretty close to a kilometer.  Which is about how far we lived from the local back home - Ha! Now don't get me wrong.  I love this old racer.  It's even named for our main website.  Yeah the old tried and true Ford Hot Rodney Special is made to go up on ur game- room wall.  Or do what we did with our copy.  It's up on the cool-wall out in the club- house.  It's right where we can keep an eye on it when we're topping-up the ol' Fourecks.  Get Going!  Have some Fun!  We all work way too much these days.  Let's all kick back ~:0) VivaChas! The Ford Hot Rodney Special  at Hot Rodney Hot Rods & VivaChas!

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Elizabeth Lindberg 31 Jan 2013


Artist Reply: Thanks Elizabeth - it is kinda nice isn't it - now we'll see if we sell any over at hot rodney hot rods - there's the proof in the pudding as the pudding eaters say ~:0) VivaChas!