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The Original ME

2012. Tel- Aviv. Israel.
Prefer to be the first and not the last.
Prefer to be the original and not the imitator.
Prefer to be independent in creativity thinking and posts... and surely will not get orders from the others about my posts
Prefer to be MYSELF...

Stay true to yourself. Ask yourself why are you here ?... Who are really your friends ?...
Will you spy on them ?
I will never.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Ruth Kauffman 22 Feb 2013

These are gorgeous, Nira! The sunlight on your hair is beautiful!! :)

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 18 Jan 2013

you looking good Nira, very nice!

Thom Roslan 18 Jan 2013

Beautiful Shots Niri.....Love the bottom one with your golden locks in the sunlight !

Craig Cantrell 17 Jan 2013

Lovely shots

lillianhibiscus 17 Jan 2013

Great captures Nira!