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Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Jan 2013

Hi fellow coeponur, I completely agree with you on the show. I had the same impressions.. enough is enough, don't get too carried away and don't let it consume you and your whole life, even though we all do know how addictive couponing is! :)However, I agree only 50% on the grocerysmarts issue. It is how I started couponing, BUT I walked away fast from it, and frankly do not use it anymore. I can glance at the paper and know what coupons are out there that I know of and I have a habit of walking out of the store with a bunch of free stuff thanks to coupons.. On quite a few occasions I took a look at the grocery smarts lists just to find that the items I got for free were not even listed on the grocerysmarts list.. well they were, but there were not references to coupons and the items werent listed as free. Therefore the public that trusts just the grocerysmarts lists without doing their own research obviously are not getting deals as good as the rest of us who do. I always advice everyone: you can use grocerysmarts for convenience, if you would like to, but please dont rely on it entirely, do your own research. :)

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Amazing work!

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