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Flatbed Truck at Hevenor Lumber

When up in Bandera Texas the other day shooting the Shelby Cobra just before a cold rainstorm hit there was this old Flatbed Truck there. The Ford flatbed truck was in the parking lot of the Hevenor Lumber Company there in Bandera. We got that same stormy sky for both pix. That’s a two-fer – the Shelby and the flatbed! ~:0) U may recall that Bandera is the Cowboy Capital of Texas (maybe the world). It’s just a few miles North of us on State Hi-Way 16. This old Ford FlatbedTruck is an early delivery the lumber yard used for years and then had it frame-up restored. Turned out pretty well. I recall a year or so ago when I was looking for a rat rod project I had considered a Ford flatbed up in Illinois. Decided against it b/c we figured it was too close to Chicago for most Texan’s taste. Ha – just messin’ with U Yankees up there in the cold Northlands. Just couldn’t get together on the price since that flatbed truck smoked pretty bad. The dealer up there was really nice and helped us out a lot – But. That’s right – I wanted to “steal” the truck. (for those of U over-emotional lot – this use of steal simply means get the truck for a real rock-bottom price since I’d have to be replacing the motor – okay? No need to wet-’em – Ha! ~:0) Anyway – once we finished the photo shoot on the Cobra we moved a few lights over to the flatbed truck and made a few pix of it. Turned out pretty nice what with that magnificent storm in the background and all. Strike while the iron is hot I always say. I’ll always go for the two-fer when I can ~:0) Now I’m torn though. Made this nice pix of Hevenor’s Flatbed Truck but what to do with it. Naturally, U nice readers are free to buy Urself a nice big print of this truck if U like – But. I’m wondering if I ought to try to hawk a print to the lumber yard. Some of U r saying – “Give ‘em a Print.” But I say – “They’re great folks but they don’t give away their lumber if U know what I mean. We’re both in business you know. It’s a real head-scratcher – Gotta give it some thought ~:0) VivaChas! Flatbed Truck at Hevenor Lumber at Hot Rodney Hot Rods & VivaChas!

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