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56 Chevy Pickup an it’s a Baad One

56 Chevy Pickup an it’s a Baad One One thing that’s really good and that’s a really Bad 56 Chevy Pickup truck. There’s just little that looks as superb as this Silver and Blue Chevy. Maybe the color’s champaign. That’s what everybody’s calling that slightly goldeny silver lately. Suits it – if U ask me ~:o) Those 55 & 56 chevy pickup trucks seemed to mark a concerted effort to make the interior a bit larger. In the forties and early fifties the cabs were just a tad small. That is unless u liked rapping the back of ur head on the receding end of a truck’s insides – Ha! And the twisted position ur accelerator foot ended in was torture! Until u learned to push it with ur heel and even that didn’t always work out. Before mid-century, say back in the twenties and thirties pickups were even smaller inside. They gave the appearance of being designed for the guys that fitted into medieval armour. U’ve seen ‘em – ’bout 4 feet tall – more like child size. Anyway back to the 56 Chevy Pickup in this image. This bewdy was on display at the Luckenbach Rod Show couple years back up in the Texas Hillcountry. We finally got a chance to photograph it in the cool of the evening. Moonless night I might add. Course they’re all moonless until that orb comes up over the horizon yeh ~:0) This 56 Chevy Pickup is powered by my kind of engine. It’s running a nice small-block and normally aspirated That keeps things simple and ur usually not going to be breaking transmissions or rear-ends. That sort of thinking still makes the truck go and less costly I might add. Good to have a dependable ride for sure. ~:0) This nice 56 Chevy Pickup would make a nice everyday driver if the paint weren’t quite so nice. And it’d be one fab rat rod if it weren’t in such nice – rust-free – condition. Naturally those circumstances determine what u gonna do with the rod. That and the size of ur pocket-book. It’s a good thing that works of art like the prints of this truck and the others at VivaChas! and Hot Rodney Hot Rods cost only a tiny fraction of doing the sport for real – Ha! Pick up a nice 56 Chevy Pickup Truck print today ~:0) VivaChas! 56 Chevy Pickup an it’s a Baad One at Hot Rodney Hot Rods & VivaChas!

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John Cappello 10 May 2013

Excellent work!