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42 Chevy Pickup Rat Rod Raiding Remote Refueling

It’s not too often U see a 42 Chevy Pickup. They are considered quite rare b/c at the outbreak of WWII for the U.S. all industrial production turned to the war effort. I know – most of u are going, “Was that the first one or the second one?” Yeh – that’s the one – War of 1812. Now U’ve got it. Believe me even up in the ranks of college we get those questions. I’m not dissing me students mind U. I’m just saying ~:0) Anyhow – this 42 Chevy Pickup truck is a rat rod beauty. It has an opulent flat-black finish that fairly glows. And the richness of the black sets-off the details abounding on the truck. It has all the hard to find trim pieces so there’s lots to ogle when walking round this ride. The headlight canisters are works of art- deco with their repetition of form. The running-boards bridge the most curvaceous fenders u’ll ever see. And the grille is like the finshing touches seen on skyscrapers of the era. Another really nice feature on this 42 Chevy Pickup is the 4 inch chop to the top. Trucks from back in the day had so much headroom u could drive the thing standing up like a steamboat captain. That chop brings everything into a more agressive proportion – makes the truck look great! The spot we chose to shoot the rod is a fave of mine. It’s a gazo-pump way out the middle of nowhere. The sky there is almost always weathery b/c fronts and storms go out of their way to pass through there. It’s a popular destination for clouds for some reason. We’ve shot a Viper out that way and a great vintage Lincoln there as well and we’ve never been disappointed with the sky. And in that spot – there’s a lot of sky. Guess that’s why they call it “Big Sky Country” – Ha! Since the 42 Chevy Pickup is so rare that means cool photo prints of one are rare as well. Here’s Ur chance to get urself a print that will appreciate coming to live at ur house. And the sooner the better. We have a nice 16×20 print of this truck framed and up on the clubhouse wall over by the water-cooler. Figure I’m hanging out there most the time anyway might as well enjoy some Rat Rod Eye Candy ~:0) VivaChas! 42 Chevy Pickup at Hot Rodney Hot Rods & VivaChas!


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Elizabeth Lindberg 03 Jan 2013

Your work is so beautiful

Artist Reply: Thanks Elizabeth u r 2 kind to me - though I appreciate it - perks me up of an afternoon ~:0) VivaChas!

John Cappello 31 Dec 2012

Brilliantly done, a perfect "RADICAL" image

Artist Reply: Thanks John - I am the "Go To" Guy when it comes to radical images of things with tires - Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!