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Don't Say - But Do!!!

A real story with a moral. From my book - Chapter 69.
" The days before Christmas he was walking along the main street of his town. His beloved woman in the thoughts of his heart...
At the entrance of flowers shop, he noticed most Wonderful Irises in a decorated box.
When he came back home, an hour later, he wrote to his beloved woman a love letter.
".... ... I thought I would buy these beautiful Irises for you and send for Christmas......"... and then added:
"I LOVE YOU............ "
It was only the saying but not really the doing. She would never say, or suggest, what she would never do, she thought to herself, knowing so well herself... AND It does not matter the timing.
It is about the concept!!
More than the thought, the doing has the REAL MEANING..."
And it does not matter, if the thought is virtually or real...

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Anonymous Guest

Elizabeth Lindberg 23 Dec 2012

very lovely!


Wow,love the compositions!!!Sooooooo GORGEOUS and Spectacular Beauties Framed so Exquisitely!!!OUTSTANDING!!!Great Watercolor ART,my Dear Friend!!!Especially love the colors on the bottom photo!!!BRILLIANT!!!Heartwarming and Romantic Story!!!Thank You for sharing!!!((((Hugs)))),Dee :)

Andrei Mezei 20 Dec 2012

gorgeous works Nira!

Ruth Kauffman 19 Dec 2012

I LOVE these, Nira!! Sooooo beautiful! Love and agree with the title! :) Hugs...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 19 Dec 2012

a beautiful text and beautiful work!