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Hot Rod 35 Dodge Brothers Pickup Truck

One thing’s for certain about this spic-&-span Hot Rod 35 Dodge Brothers Pickup Truck is that it is everything a cool hot rod, rat rod or street rod should be. It all ties in to what Bob Peterson late publisher of Hot Rod Magazine said back in ’82. ”The problem with the car companies is that they build dull and unimaginative cars.” And those of U who have been to VivaChas! a few times will note is that ol’what’shername has said the same on numerous occasions. ~:0) This bewdy of a Dodge Pickup is a hot rod that puts most production cars and trucks to shame. Now tell me how is it possible that it would cost the auto-manufacturers any more to build something similar to this hot rod than their lines of mundane government mandated clone-cars. Safety – I hear some nanny-stater whine. Well whine on brother b/c this Dodge is lighter than most econo-boxes – safer too! Or at least with just a smidge of tinkering it could be. But there we go again acting as though it’s “Big-Brother’s” place to tell us how cars are to be styled and constructed. Has anyone else noticed that gover-involvement spells the ruination for anything to which they’re connected? – Ha! I give U theh Post Office! – Ta- Da!!! Anyway enough about that bag-o-beans. What I really want to talk about is the remarkable detail and outstanding beauty of this Dodge Hot Rod Truck! Dodge Brothers back in the thirties built cars and trucks that looked like something special. The team of two brothers – or two friends I don’t remember which – that built this hot rod took the great foundation laid by the Dodge Boys and finessed it into something even more refined and certainly more sporty. This hot rod in person – so to speak – is even nicer than any photo can reveal. The detail and craftsmanship is second to none. Kudos to the building team. U guys should buy urself a nice 16 x 20 print of this bewdy for ur wanna be wall or ur own clubhouse where u work out ur secret plans to dominate the automotive world. The detail in a larger size print of this truck will knock ur socks right off – go for it! ~:0) VivaChas!


Anonymous Guest

Karen Helsing 15 Nov 2012

Great work!

Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - it was a striking truck for sure ~:0) VivaChas!

Elizabeth Lindberg 14 Nov 2012

Beautiful work!! Good job!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Elizabeth see more at me website vivachas do tcom ~:0) VivaChas!