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Ford Rat Rod Truck

This Ford Rat Rod Truck is a portrait in the glories of surface patina on an experienced rod or pickup! In a full sized and full resolution image – the kind U see in a nice quality print in that 16 x 20 or larger size – the detail is magical. It is a real bewdy of a rat rod. In this case a Ford Rat Rod Truck ~:0) First thing that struck me when I first saw this Ford Rat Rod Truck was how perfectly low it was. By that I mean – the ride height is just right for the look of this rat rod. The surface condition was the next. And lastly – that new mill under the hood ran like a monster truck. Yet it’s nicely streetable. It’s ride is firm. As it should be. But the truck has the kind of road contact that makes it an everyday reminder of a fab driving experience. And that should be an important factor in a daily driver. That concept is right up there in any road-car. Any vehicle that is for the love of driving should make its personality known directly to the driver. This truck works in just that way! Those who know me understand that my photographs are usually not focused on what powers a ride. I’ve always been far more interested in the over-all look of a vehicle like this Ford Rat Rod Truck. I supposed the phrase I say the most at the odd car show I attend is a comment about the open hood, rear deck or doors. What do I say about them? Usually I’ll say something about too bad the open hood spoiled a photo of a truck. Or gee – look – there’s a motor in that compartment. Or the famous – too bad the car broke down right here at the car show. I know! I know – half of u reading this are trying to explain to me how important the engine is to the rod-ness of the ride. Listen – I don’t need the concept explained to me. You go ur way and I’ll go mine. But it’s okay if we walk along together isn’t it? – Ha! Do something cool today. Something like buying ur own VivaChas! print of this good looking Ford Rat Rod Truck ~:0) VivaChas!

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John Cappello 07 Nov 2012

Always a pleasure to see! Wonderful,Original and Elegant artwork!

Artist Reply: Thanks John much appreciated - now if only there were a market for wonderful, original and elegant artwork we'd all be kings ~:0) VivaChas!