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Old Town Charm,...Jammed!

copyright 2012 It's great to take a drive and get away from urban sprawl where everything looks the same and seek out the cozy, quaint small towns full of friendly people. But when you get there you realize your not the only one with that idea and more than likely you'll find yourself in a small town traffic jam. he he


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Emily Reed 01 Nov 2012

Just love it! warms me heart!

Artist Reply: Oh no,..YOU warm mine!!!

Karen Helsing 31 Oct 2012

How true! When I was a child, my parents took me to a nice, rural town called Cross Village. I enjoyed visiting Ottawa Chief Yellow Thunder. For years afterward, I dreamed of going there again, but when I realized my dream, I was very disappointed1 The village had grown into a city and all the Indians were gone1

Artist Reply: Thanks, parents took me to many small towns too when I was a kid,...they're fun to visit,...then and even now!!!