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Extract from new book....................Ron’s Photos he took in Egypt showing The Tree of Life and an animal half Egyptian Mau Cat (Sacred) and a Hare =(Transformation). The serpent =Kundalini is at the bottom of the tree, as is the Kundalini snake at the bottom of the spine I consider this Egyptian wall painting and the following one the finest of images ever painted by mankind. The first one shows an initiate finally having dominion over the inner animal. The ankh-cross is revealing the union of the opposites. The second picture is depicting in a more graphic way the same union. The hare – a symbol of transformation is holding a feather which is saying that the transformation is in the nature of being aerial and celestial. It has its foot on the serpent, or kundalini, that has finally resurrected the dead bodies of past incarnations and lifted them to a celestial level where the tree of life grows. What paintings in any part of the world show in such simple but magical way such an important aspect of a soul’s final journey. The ancient Egyptians knew how to pluck the strings of the instrument we call the soul through sacred sex creating a kundalini.


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Karen Helsing 28 Sep 2012

It's fine work all right.

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