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23 Model-T Ford Roadster Hot Rod

A 23 Model-T Ford Roadster Hot Rod is what I spent most of me grownin’ years dreaming about – well, that and Marilyn Monroe – Ha!  Just kidding about the MM part Misses – don’t want the ol’trouble-&- strife on me case right out the gate ~:0) Dead serious about the 23 Model-T Ford Roadster Hot Rod though.  I can remember sketching out just how I wanted the hot rod to look – what sort of chassis I wanted her built around – even the wheels, tires and upholstery color the rod’d be sporting.  Went around to a few hot rod shops back home and talked price.  That’s when I decided I had better get me a good job b/4 I got too far along on the planning. I must say over the fullness of the years I have driven and even owned some fun hot rods and yet sadly never made it to that grand dream of owning a nice 23 Model-T Ford Roadster Hot Rod.  Though a few yonks back I did sit in one and drive it around the grounds of a car show just to get the feel of the ride.  That’s when I discovered that a Model-T custom was not meant to be an everyday driver.  Miserable small thing it was with no leg-room or even foot room for me size 12s.  Had to take off me gun- boats just to be able to work the pedals in that cramped space! Sure it was small – no doubt – but on the cool meter it was up there with riding the Concorde!  Everybody smiled as I drove by.  Girls swooned – men grinned jealously as I shifted gears laying a patch of 11 in the road – life was good ~:0)  That is until I had to make a turn or work the pedals and reality slapped me in the face once more.  I’m just not sized to fit a bewdy of a 23-Model-T- Ford-Roadster-Hot-Rod.  - – - But I can dream can’t I – Ha! ~:0) VivaChas! P.S. – be sure to read the VivaChas! Story about what we do with the proceeds with sales around these parts – we want U to enjoy Ur VivaChas! Photograph Art even more ~:0)


Anonymous Guest

Karen Helsing 31 Aug 2012

Breathtaking, Chas!

Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - that little hilly spot is a great place to make a picture that's for sure ~:0) VivaChas!

John Cappello 29 Aug 2012

Triumphant Fully Admirable,I like this very much! There is something Very Wonderful about Hot-rods!

Artist Reply: They represent a special kind of freedom to me I think - hand built - out of the ordinary - thanks ~:0) VivaChas!

Elizabeth Lindberg 27 Aug 2012

Beautiful work!

Artist Reply: Thank you Elizabeth - the flame-job on this car is remarkable - I think I'd be happy painting that on various rods for a long, long time ~:0) VivaChas!

Art 4U 27 Aug 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks - it is lovable as a cranky old car can be I suppose ~:0) VivaChas!