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32 Ford Three Window Coupe and the Golden Hour

My favorite time of the day – especially for making photos of cars or people for that matter – has to be “The Golden Hour”. That’s the hour right around sunrise or sunset when there’s lots of nice warm light at a low incident angle – That’s what we’re seeing here in this photo of a 32 Ford Three Window Coupe and the Golden Hour effect all around it ~:0)) This Copper colored 32 Ford is spectacularly aglow in this image made in a parking lot along a busy freeway in a major metropolitan city right on the edge of the Texas Hill Country – civilization is so fine. Back in the day there were only 5 or 6 good looking rides out our way back of burke and a photographer could burn through those images pretty quickly. But here in the States there are car shows, trucks and hot rods, rat rods, street rods coming out from under medium-sized stones – they are everywhere – imagine what it’s like out in Cali – Ha! We spent some time out in the Malibu, L.A., Beverly Hills area while back – it was mad! Did like this nice little town down by the Pacific – - – had “beach” in it’s name somewhere. Must have a mental block not to remember it – probably something to do with the party we attended there – woke the next morning on a large flat-bed truck at a place by the name of Universal Studios – go figure – Ha! Anyhoo – nice 16 x 20 print or larger of this pix will brighten up the ol’ shack. Take time out from prepping with gold, ammo and comestibles to look upon something pretty – buy ur very own VivaChas! courtesy of me ol’ buddy at or anyplace u find ‘em on sale – While U still can – Ha! ~:0) 32 Ford Three Window Coupe and the Golden Hour


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Ron Bedsole 16 Nov 2018


Artist Reply: Ron!! - Thanks! ~;0) VivaChas!

Mark Kokopelli Watkins, Artist 24 Feb 2016

One hot car, Chas! Great colors and lines and of course,...content!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Mark - I'd often wondered how it came across - thanks for the clarity of your comment - helpful! ~;0) VivaChas!

John Cappello 20 Aug 2012

Lovely capture!

Artist Reply: U R entirely too kind to me - thanks so much ~:0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 10 Aug 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - that's quite a paint job on that hot rod - mighty shiny ~:0) VivaChas!

Joanie Holliday 10 Aug 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks Joanie - it's certainly a shiny car that's for sure ~:0) VivaChas!