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56 T-Bird For Cindy

Yep – this cherry 55 or 56 Ford Thunderbird Ragtop was a delightful happy birthday present for the notorious Cindy Lou out our part of the Texas Hill Country. It carries the moniker in this post here at Hot Rodney Hot Rods featuring the work of the VivaChas! branded line of photographic art of A 56 T-Bird for Cindy ~:0) I’m not saying Cindy is upstairs in downtown San Antonio with a street light shining down on her newest present from her unfortunate hubby, while he’s out at the ranch nursing one of her prize show horses, but that’s the way it was told to me. Yeh – Cindy is a bad, bad girl. Now I’m not judging her mind you. I’m just sayin’ – - – None of that’s up to me ~:0) I’m simply edifying that she seems to appreciate the night-life in what I understand to be the eighth-largest city in the New- Knighted States. Lots to do there contrasted with a country spread rife with livestock and sleepy cow- pokes – they gets up b/4 sunup U know ~:0) Never one to stick in me nose, but one who finds it difficult to keep a secret – if it is a secret. I simply enjoy being paid to snap a photo or two for thems what brung me to the dance – so to speak – Ha! Anyway – I’ve learned over the fulness of time that being out in the evening hours is when trouble is most about. And that being said – it’s a good time to catch an interesting image from time to time. Get out of that chair once in awhile and get about in your town and U just might find some adventure even if it’s one of me own storied pix caught on a sultry night – indulge urself buy a nice 16×20 print of A 56 T-Bird For Cindy – U know U want it! ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 01 Oct 2012

This is Pretty Impressive! Exceptional work !

Artist Reply: Thanks John - u should see my photos full size printed on metallic paper - pretty nice if I say so me own self ~:0) VivaChas!

jamie winter 16 Aug 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks Jamie - the pix is often the result of the commentary - take care - get well - U R in our prayers - U have God's Favor - grab it! ~:0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 07 Aug 2012

What a beauty!

Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - always liked these T-Birds - they make such an elegant visual statement ~:0) VivaChas!