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Tim Linville 27 Mar 2014

Excellent Expression of Christianity Holding a Follower Frozen In Time.A Sheep Waits It's Whole Life,In Belief That Care Is Guarunteed.Truth...Can Become the Same Obsession.And Time...Waits For No Fool,Nor Genius.

Ralph Miller 18 Aug 2005

Interesting, although I miss the meaning here, it gives one cause to pause!

Ramaz Razmadze 08 Dec 2004

Very powerful philosophiocal image. I love that darkness in your works. And the psyhological backgroud. Thank you for your comments on my canvases.

shaylise spriggs 08 Dec 2004

powerfull work. no one can bind the heart and soul except our selves.

seth rose 13 Sep 2004

nice job i like this image alot you have some great work thanl you for your comments peace