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Jewels In July

After years of searching Sidney Hipple along with other Flugnoids eventually found the lost treasure of their ancestors.They could not be removed from where they were hidden because they were encased in the wall of the sacred place but it was meant to be a gateway into another realm of existence including the Astral Plane and other planes(layers)of human activity besides the Physical or the Earth Plane.Even the image shown here may send some viewers into a altered attitude of pricelessness.


Anonymous Guest

John Enright 30 Nov 2005

such subtle and alluring color combinations. well done mr. Hall. well done.

Maggi Carstairs 03 Oct 2005

What a wonderful story and an awesome image....Love your portfolio...

Artist Reply: I think the story came out better than the image or at least is more interesting.

Emily Reed 18 May 2005

Lovely soft colors.

Andree Lerat 09 Sep 2004

Like a gentle carress on my brain.

Pat Abbott 08 Sep 2004

Very interesting work. Have you ever visited the astral worlds?