Frog Sitting (ACEO)

The technique used to create this drawing is called pointillism. Pointillism is the technique developed by George Seurat, in this technique the entire piece of artwork is created with dots of color, each dot is laid down by hand and the viewers eye blends them into a cohesive image. Lucien usually starts with a very light pencil outline drawing, but not always. In this drawing he started with a black sheet of paper, stippled in some of the image and then works in all the details, textures, form and substance of the composition and the subject using color pen and ink. Each dot of color is placing down individually until the piece is complete. This layering effect, where the dots are placed, how many and how far apart and what color is laid next to what color is what give the drawing its many shades and hues of color. There are no lines used in the creation of this drawing.


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Mary Vargas 10 Nov 2012

Absolutely stunning! Great Job!

Gail Caduff-Nash 26 Jul 2012

omg you're a dotter! so much work. nice outcome.

Nira Dabush 20 Jul 2012


Suren Nersisyan 11 Jul 2012

nice job!