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These are 2 pages in the book I made from scratch. Meaning I made the book itself and stitched it together. I started on it when Tropical Storm Debbie started her fury here and worked on it all the days she was dumping water and blowing wind, etc. In the top one, I am in front of the line; we are in our Cheerleading Day Dresses that we wore to school on the days of the games. In the bottom left page in the FSU Circus one, I am being held up; in the Christmas Formal Queen's Court, I am the one standing nearest the camera; the person alone is me in the cheerleading uniform I designed that year; this is what we actually cheered in. Yes, we cheerleaders, designed our uniforms and my design was chosen I hope you enjoy these 2 pages from my 1st book.

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Keith Dixon 05 Oct 2016

You are something worth cheering about. Great Fotos.

Steve Haynes 11 Jul 2012

you look really great Sharon x

John Cappello 10 Jul 2012

Amazing Work of Art! Outstanding photos! Very interesting concept and ideal way to represent it!

James Carney 09 Jul 2012

Nice photos , great memories.

Karen Helsing 09 Jul 2012

Great picture!