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Summer, no doubt here in Israel..
I whistled all way there and back...
.. And YES, I whistle, while I work. - INDEED!
Delonix regia, June, 2012.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a delightful day.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 16 Jul 2012

artist. Invariably someone will make a dotearaciln of the person's demise, whether or not that is the case There are about a dozen comics in my Following list which have not updated in many moons. One of them even said See you next year! back in August (and has not yet resumed updates ) A few of them, though, have lost their sites (there are Registrar placeholder sites currently showing) and a couple of let their domain registrations lapse. While I do tend to worry any time an artist misses their expected next posting date by more than a week, and have occasionally contacted an artist with an Are you okay? e-mail, it's the ones that languish long enough to vanish that actually leave me truly wondering if the person has met an untimely end.(Of course, then there are the ones that are deliberately taken down by the creators. A falling out with a host, for example, or a I'm starting over, and I'm wiping out the old version so that only the new version is there. , or in one case, a I got a publishing deal, but I have to take the comic offline or they'll back out. )

Anonymous Guest 13 Jul 2012

Keep on writing and cuhgigng away!

Anonymous Guest 11 Jul 2012

I love rediang these articles because they're short but informative.

Anonymous Guest 11 Jul 2012

Lordie how I love your bookshelves. When I was a kid, we had built-ins that lekood SO much like yours. I miss them terribly. I love the idea of arranging by color. It just looks so...right.

Pierpaolo Limongelli 27 Jun 2012

Awesome flowers... shalom