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My First Rodeo

Yeh it’s a story that never changes. Spring eternal spring when a young person’s fancy turns to my first rodeo. Up in ranching country come springtime and everybody and everything turns frisky! We get up a little earlier. Go to bed a little earlier – or later as the case may be and we start laying our plans for rodeo season – especially the youngins as the old timers refer to them ~:0) Springtime in ranch country finds young cowpokes out stretching their lariats while the cowgirls are stretching out new jeans. Tack is prepared. Horses curried. Cattle rustled – Ha! Generally it’s a time of new calves, colts and a quickening of life in general around the place. And then there’s RODEO! Yeh rodeo – when cowboys and cowgirls and ranch folk in general gather at arenas across the region to catch up on old stories, old friends and new loves. There are quarter- horse barrel racing, cattle roping, livestock shows all with a payoff of some kind whether cash or scholarships – it’s straight up FUN ~:0) As we here at VivaChas! strolled the grounds at some of these wild and wooly events we heard the same phrase repeated by fresh faces over and again – It’s My First Rodeo. Now the young pokes might be too proud to admit their first time – knowing how young men are – but the glowing, golden girls of the rodeo had no qualms in sharing that secret pleasure of new things. See what U miss by being couched by video-games and reality-shows. Ur missing life. Ur missing adventure and Ur missing love shared by the finest bunch of folks U might ever meet – get out there! Don’t be Proud – - Go to Ur First Rodeo ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 14 Aug 2012

So Colorful I love this one.Great Background colors and Nicely Interesting,THIS has that character, OF Great paintings.. Wonderful and so nicely done. Great Creativity, so Artistic, I love those contrasts too.

Artist Reply: Thanks John - I'm having ur comment worked into a tattoo - I don't want to let that compliment outta my sight ~:0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 08 May 2012

I love the stars in the sky, Chas!

Artist Reply: You would love The Star of Bethlehem DVD produced by Stephen McEveety and presented by Rick Larson - it's amazing ~:0) VivaChas!