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copyright 2012 Injustice comes in many forms. In this picture are two very bad ones, the children. Discipline is really what every child wants, to set the boundries of what is acceptable and what is not. Discipline is carried out in most cases in the form of a good old spanking on the butt. The parents explaining to their children ahead of the actual punishment. To take children from their parents for just a spanking is wrong,...yet it happens. And the womb used to be the safest place in this world, in many cases the child in the womb has no rights at all. No one to speak for him or her. This is very wrong too. Before the end of this age how many others will lose their rights as well?

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Emily Reed 24 Apr 2012

Dear Gregg, so great to see you back! What a meaningful piece full of messages.

Artist Reply: NOVEMBER 15th 2012,...I hope to stay with it this time around!,...thanks so much Emily!!!