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Celtic eel knot design

A client who works for CEFAS commissioned me to come up with some eel-themed designs for a conference coming up later in the year in Edinburgh, Scotland. After forwarding some rough ideas, we settled on this celtic design-inspired ‘Eel knot’ as it was seen to not only look striking but also represents one of the creature’s habits of writhing underwater in huge ‘eel balls’ where hundereds of the creatures form a rolling sphere of eeldom, careering downstream in a dark shiny mass! Hand-painted ink linework with charcoal and digital colour. As usual, the type is hand-drawn too.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 16 Jul 2014

Hi David

Anonymous Guest 16 Jul 2014

Nice idea but it violates the Celtic Art principle of over under....For every overlap there ALWAYS must be an underlap.... You cannot have2 over laps followed by 2 underlaps. The design must Always be over, under, over, under...etc... This is not opinion, but based standard Celtic Art practices of the art style...