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50CM X 35 CM.
Another lesson from my "BOOK OF LIFE"

If you love someone, let this person know it directly. Show your love fully. Be loyal to your heart, be loyal to your feelings, emotions. Respect and honor this person, in every way. It is possible, it is in your POWER, To do so.

If your LOVE, to someone is not possible in reality and any other way... In order to protect your loved one's heart & soul DON'T Suggest your love at all, to the subject of your love.
Even if your heart aching sorrowfully... knowing the pains of LOVE, Don't let a loved one's heart be painful as yours... Think there's the possibility that the one you love aching more.
Don't fool other's heart with impossible love.
When you know, it is impossible , don't plant the "SEEDS OF LOVE", at one's heart. Especially, if you know it's going to develop into NOTHING in reality.

Pains of LOVE, can be unbareble, to you or to the other... Don't let the other suffer.. as long as it continues.. the worse are the pains.
Don't play emotional games... It has the colours of wounds of the heart... Just perhaps you are stronger emotionally from the subject of your LOVE.
When you "play", as if LOVE someone, you know love you.... You actually prevent this person knowing REAL POSSIBLE LOVE.
Whoever you are...
You can be BIG, in your doings for someone you love.
YET, you can be small in your doings for someone you are as if love.... AND, It does not really matter who you are.
Simple... Clever...
Ask yourself WHY, you act "AS IF".
Acting "AS IF" have a price!

I hope I manage to "TOUCH" some of you reading me, with my words here today and my doings always.
Just perhaps my words can change someone's heart to understand... Surly my heart's experiences changed my understanding... ME.
AND Even more surely.. I know I must change more.
Material for thoughts...
YES, Life is a school, and each of us is a pupil in it.

Spring - Considered as time for love.... May the seeds you'll sow/seed, will bloom to ETERNAL LOVE.
Thanks for viewing and reading.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush
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Anonymous Guest

Sigridur Bachmann 27 Mar 2012

Very beautiful and well done water-color work !

Calvin McFarlane 27 Mar 2012

I am very touched by your writings on love Dear Nira. Having experienced Love from so many emotional angles i can attest to the basic truth of those words...and as for the "seeds of spring" being sowed in fields of love, well your images are always, always a DELIGHT.

Geoff Cooper 27 Mar 2012

Lovely work and words Nira...

John Cappello 27 Mar 2012


Thom Roslan 27 Mar 2012

I agree with Trixie....... Niri ! ! ! Beautiful & delicate painting and the words hit home.....Love's Eternal Bliss !