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Chevy SSR Night Life – Hot Rods Live!

Mark my words – One Day I’m going to own a slick Chevy SSR – it could happen! ~:0) I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever owned a Chevrolet b/4. I’ve got my current Rat Rod Project a ’51 Willys Pickup that’s powered by a 283 Chevy V-8, but that’s just the mill. I drove my cousin’s Chevy Malibu while he was a Marine back in the Stone-Age – I didn’t let anyone drive my ’56 Fairlane Hot Rod while I was away yonks back – guess I’m not much on sharing – Ha! Hey! Wait just a Mo! Yeh – we had that – whatchacallit – that Custom White-on-White Chevy Suburban with the Diamond- Plate Running-Boards, De- Chromed exterior and the Velour Captain’s Chairs and Bucket-Seats for two rows b/hind and all that carpet and stereo and plush stuff – Yeh, that was a Chevrolet – - – Well whattayaknow? So an SSR would be me second ride from that Mark. From a Giant Road-Slug to a finely-styled retro incursion into a slick designer’s wet- dream – whew! I’m starting to sweat-up just thinking about owning a convertible Pick-up Truck with the sleek look of something from a Captian Video Flick! Woot! – I better start saving up if I’m mad enough to think I’d be spending that kind of Filthy Lucre on a truck that’s no even made any more – - – Wait another Mo – I do that all the time – Yeh – we go through Hot Rides like bullets out our way – so odds are better than good it’ll happen – Well – Got that to Look Forward to – ‘course I could save a bundle if I just cut the roof offa the Willys – Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!

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Karen Helsing 24 Mar 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - those SSR are interesting rides ~:0) VivaChas!