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Got Some New Wheels

Yeh bought m’self a Rat-Rod project the other day – this photo is not of my car – this Ride belongs to a guy I met at the last Luckenbach Hot-Rod and Custom Car Show. Shot so many pix there that I’m still pulling prints and doing post- production on ‘em – I’ll be posting pix on my own ride in the near future ~:0) The owner of this patina’d bewdy had just gotten the thing together and like most Hot-Rodders was proudly polishing bits of the machine before and after this photograph was made. Funny thing of it is – I got him outta the shot long enough to set off the sammy on a series of bracketed foots so I could use a HDR procedure in processing my RAW files when this bodacious babe (phrase I picked up here in the States) saunters through the scene – Ha! Personally, I like the frame that has her in it b/c it’s ol’what’shername and she’s looking pretty cute – but I reckon I get more requests for more pix of rods and less of ladies in m’fotos – so I have that print hung up in the clubhouse if anyone’s in the mood to shoot pool out here beyond the black stump – - – gotta go make more photos – talk again soon ~:0) VivaChas!


Anonymous Guest

James Mann 29 Mar 2016

I have a buddy with a rat rod very much like this. That sucker is reeeaalllyyy looooooooow. j

Artist Reply: Haa! JM!!! - had to dig a hole to lie in to get low enough for this photo! ~;0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 09 Mar 2012

Really fancy!

Artist Reply: Yeh Karen that radiator ornament as some real class, eh! thanks ~:0) VivaChas!