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35CM X 50CM. From my new series : "The Look from Outside Into the Inside"... AND.. from the inside into the outside..reflecting...
Pessimism Yet mixed with fate... look upon evils, injustice, and pains of LIFE (mine or others )
... Yet with understanding rightness. The look is about different subjects, and so the viewer can look at this artwork, from his/her point of view according to LIFE Processes.

The image below, shows both artworks as a series of different expressions of thoughts of life...
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
May we live to observe the rightness, that surrounds us... May RIGHTNESS Will accompany our lives.
Greetings from Israel, NIRA.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
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Anonymous Guest


OUTSTANDING Brilliant art,my Dear Friend!!!Such GORGEOUS colors on the right artwork and brilliant deep stunning colors on the left artwork!!!Perfect moods for each artwork!!!So agree with Thom's Great statement!!!Wishing You and Your Beautiful Family a Beautiful Day full of Joy,Peace and Love!!! With Love&prayers...(((Hugs)))...Dee&David :):)

Ropati Leaso-Cobb 10 Mar 2012

i really enjoyed reading your description for this series Nira, look forward to seeing others ...wonderdul and thought provoking!

Caballero Salguero 10 Mar 2012

Excellent composition dear friend Nira,painting very different and very deed and luminous.great colorful. for me, the eyes of God...beautiful grounds and surreal view,very original.gorgeous artwork.Love from Spain, Pepe!

Thom Roslan 09 Mar 2012

The Old Addage: "Evil vs. Good" ! "The Dark vs. Light" ! Excellent example's Niri !

John Cappello 08 Mar 2012