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35CM X 50CM.
From my new series :
"The Look from Outside Into the Inside"... reflecting...
Optimism.. Positive look upon LIFE
Light in Colour.
In this work, I try to bring out also ( not only) expressions of my feelings and happiness to colours, perhaps to goodness in life..
With my own observation, also the observations of the viewers of my art in different times of my life creation, as they sEE as :"HAPPINESS OF LIFE" Through my ART..
Therefore their conclusion from understanding my ART, of me as HAPPY Person.
I'll add... I can create happiness sadness or other emotions without it'll be my state of feeling the moment I create it. .
My ability to create making me happy.
To be continued...
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Have a day full with the colours you love BEST.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
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Anonymous Guest


BEAUTIFUL Beautiful work of art with such a HAPPY Mood!!!BRILLIANT!!!Great Beautiful comment from Thom,so agree!!! Wishing you Life's Greatest Blessings always!!!((((Hugs)))) Dee :)

surekha rao 09 Mar 2012

Beautifully painted, Nira! Yes, happy and beautiful it is!

jimmy guan 08 Mar 2012

Beautiful Nira!

DAVID OLSEN 08 Mar 2012

I just started coming back to the site and was drawn toward your work first Nira. The eyes are complex and you did some great work here!

Thom Roslan 08 Mar 2012

It reminds me of a "Matisse" Glass window in a church........ Fantastic color and design ! ! ! The Rainbow Artist is back ! ! !