Duck-Tape Beauties

Copyright 2012 Laura Grisham *Flowers made using ordinary duct tape, ribbon, flower tape...and writing pens! *I placed the 'flower pens' in among my Narcissus and took this photo...they look real, don't they? *If you are interested in ordering the pens, please send me an e-mail. Cost is between $5-$10 each, depending on how many you order. Other "duct tape flower" photo's will be uploaded soon such as: Calla Lilly, Sunflower, Daisy, Roses, Leopard Print Roses, Zebra Print Roses, etc. *Tax and shipping will be applied to your purchase.

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Emily Reed 23 Feb 2012

Wow! how creative!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Emily! I finally discovered something I can do that no one else is doing right now. You can make "pointy" roses by watching YouTube but nothing like mine! Lots of fun...