The Night Life

Okay – so for years ol’what’shername and me been saying – “How come auto- manufacturers don’t make cars that look like something – you know – like the Classic Cars did?” ~:0) Well they did make some cars that looked like something – Plymouth came out with the Prowler for a time – they’d still be making them if it had proven profitable – like I tell me students – “I ya not makin’ money on a product – U can’t keep selling it!” Chevy made the SSR – a great looking Truck – or was it a truck? It was more of a sporty convertible with a big empty space in the back – not really that big ~:0) Chevrolet also made a – car? – that resembles a panel-van of some yonks back and Chrysler made some kind of Sedan- Delivery looking car ( tiny inside ) – Point is – “Detroit” gave a shot at making some – Different – Hot Rod type cars and not as big a hit as they had hoped. The ol’ JuJu and I liked those cars – woulda bought an SSR but for one thing – - – priced out of our range (due to recent events in the world – Ha!) That must have something to do with the growth of the Rat Rod Subculture of Hot Rodding and Custom Cars – they’re more affordable! Just missed a Rat Rod in Warsaw N.Y. on eBay recently me own self – out bid again – I’m still plugging at it though – got m’ eye on a 47 Ford Pick-Up in Illinois – need a motor rebuild though – It’s aways about the money isn’t it ~:0) Got to Sell more Pix so I can manage a new old ride – something that ol’what’shername will feel like it looks like something when we’re out cruising’ in it. Yeh! Thas the ticket – something ol’ Bogie woulda liked – something classic-cool – - – well as long as it’s a truck that is – Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!


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jamie winter 18 Feb 2012

love the shot. excellent angle and color!

Artist Reply: Thanks Jamie - the car show season approaches - I'll be setting out me blinds to capture them in their natural habitat ~:0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 17 Feb 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - I think I need to get out in nature and snap some scenics come spring - yeh - that's the ticket ~:0) VivaChas!