TINY BRASS OAK - Mini Wire Tree Sculpture

TINY BRASS OAK - Mini Wire Tree Sculpture, by Sal Villano 3.5"H x 3"W x 3"D. This tiny tree sculpture is created using 30 gauge solid brass wire. The tree is planted onto a small mound of sea sand and tiny pebbles which have been painted in greens and yellows using India ink, to look like moss covered earth. Mixed in with the sand are several small pieces of pink marble. The tree is planted in a 3" round tarnished brass base. This is my smallest creation yet. #87-09 $69.00 You can learn how to create this & other tree sculpture using my book: "How to Create Beaded and Wire Tree Sculpture"?. AVAILABLE ON: salvillano.com

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Kate Gallagher 10 Feb 2012

Nice work Sal