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Yellow Prowler Detail

Talk about a lighting Nightmare - this bewdy of a Yellow Plymouth Prowler was a tough exercise! It was fun though - and for the first time we ran out of diffusers and reflectors. We had reflectors propped up by twigs and bottles and toes just to get a little more soft light into nooks and crannies of which the Prowler has multitudes ~:0) Some of you are likely saying right now - "Where's the Girl at?" To which I responds - "She's sitting in a comfy chair enjoying a delightful beverage." My point is not every Automotive Pin-Up has to have a lovely feminine model draped over a hunk of Detroit Iron - even if that iron is made in Canada or owned by an Italian company and all other nuances associated with Chrysler - Ha! Gotta hand it to 'em though for making this remarkable machine against all odds. This car is made up of so many well crafted parts making up it Glamorous whole that adding a bit of cheesecake seems superfluous - it has motorcycle fenders for crying out loud! - How Cool is that! - I'm just surprised Chrysler didn't make a pick-up truck version of the Prowler ~:0) Fact is I felt a bit lost in this photograph without a pretty model holding her ageless hands in attractive poses to accent the highlights of this outstanding ride. Thank goodness the Plymouth was my favorite shade of yellow giving me a toe-hold on my usual imaginary reality - ol'what'shername likes to refer to my fascination with automobiles and their juxtaposition to Pin-Up Models as "My Affliction" - - - so with that in mind - I remain your much afflicted photog ~:0) VivaChas!


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Karen Helsing 06 Feb 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - I do appreciate a yellow car ~:0) VivaChas!

Steve Farr 06 Feb 2012

Wow Chas!! This is definitely a slick one!!~S

Artist Reply: Stev! Yeh it's slick alright - I think I have another one coming down the pike in the near future as well ~:0) VivaChas!