Dreams, Träume (2001), 100 x 150cm

Cycle: Space Zyklus "Weltraum" Acrylic mixed media on Canvas. Neo-Expressionismus, Abstraktion mit Pathos. Using both modernist and postmodernist syntaxes as points of departure. W. Tatarkiewicz: Über das Glück (About Luck) “A new breed of painting the work invites viewers to a world full of vibrant colors and mysterious visages. Gracefully incorporating picturesque elements into the paintings you create landscapes and dreamscapes that stand for a reality observed through both yours and the viewers own vision… “ --Abraham Lubelski, publisher, New York Arts Magazine Music: Frederic Chopin, George Bizet http://www.ihs9art.com/Drea ms.htm http://www.ihs9art.com/Moser .htm

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