“HOMMAGE À SERGE GAINSBOURG” ~Les Bohèmes de Paris~ (acrylic on canvas/140x100/2011) ~~~~Price: 5.800 Euro~~~~ 5 bis Rue de Verneuil, Paris…. Serge Gainsbourg (poet, singer-songwriter, actor, director and artist), born in Paris as Lucien Ginsburg in Paris (1928-1991), France; the son of Russian Jewish emigrants, Joseph Ginsburg, and Olga Bessman, who fled to France after the 1917 Russian Revolution. His childhood was profoundly affected by the occupation of France by Nazi Germany, during which he and his family, as Jews, were forced to wear the yellow star and eventually flee to Paris. Before he was 30 years old, Gainsbourg was a disillusioned Painter, but earned his living as a Piano Player in bars. In mid-1968, Gainsbourg fell in love with the younger English singer and actress Jane Birkin, whom he met during the shooting of the film “Slogan”. Their relationship lasted over a decade. In 1971 they had a daughter, the actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg. Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, astonished the world by the rather erotic song they sung together….which, was originally written for Birgitte Bardot and released in Februari 1969, after he fell deeply in love with Jane in 1968; “Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus”…


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