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Summer's Knight

Coming up with a title for one of m’pix is rarely any prob – they have meaning to me and often the title precedes the photograph. The Trick is communicating my thoughts into something that can be laid to paper – so-to-speak – on which others may ruminate ~:0) Here in Summer’s Knight I see this buff-babe leaning against a great looking Vintage Ford PickUp Truck as the womanly counter-part of someone like Clint Eastwood with his steely hero’s gaze hidden beneath the brim of his hat. In all candor I will tell you this model has a six-pack belly that most men would envy – seemed a bit unsettling on a woman – still I see her as a potential Super- Hero out on a Summer’s Night – herself a Knight preparing to right a wrong and arise victorious – scary what runs through one’s mind ~:0) Now if anyone out there pitches this concept and it finds purchase – I think a nice present for ol’ Chas would be appropriate – - – I’m serious – U know Ur conscience would bother U the rest of Ur life – so be sure to do the right thing – Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!


Anonymous Guest

Karen Helsing 25 Nov 2011


Artist Reply: Karen! Thanks for having a look-see - - - really scary model in this one - she punched-out some well-meaning Red-Neck who was coming on to her - guess she was a bit tense that evening - the guy's okay and said no hard-feelings - he'd had a few too many LONE-STARS and anyway, his nose wasn't that good looking to start with -Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!

Emily Reed 25 Nov 2011

Splendid colors!

Artist Reply: Thank You Emily - I chose every one of them m'self ~:0) VivaChas!