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Brunoris AS portraits '11

cm 22x8 each panel, composition of cm 22x60 altogether, acrylic on cardboard, 2011 The pictorial portraits of Brunoris As band group '11, were made on the memory of the photos taken at their concert in Roncade (Treviso) on the last day of Libra. As art work/concept, these portraits are the evolution of the idea of Brunoris As puppets (5 note-musicians puppets on a cloud) that were made/given on St. Lawrence day in Tuscany in 2010. This time, the portraits were given to the musicians in the land of Pinocchio -because the puppets had become 'real' human beings- on the day after 11.11.'11. the list of the musicians is: Mirko Onofrio, Stefano Amato, Massimo Palermo, Dario Della Rossa, Dario Brunori, Simona Marrazzo. Complete documentation can be found in

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