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2 images of Nira's Smile.
The upper image was taken in 1996, and was also very popular avatar, i used at AW site.
The image below was taken Aug, 11, 2011.

I have a name , by the way.. My name is NIRA.. Those feel close enough, or like to call me nick names, use the name, Nirush.. which I very much like too :-)..
One call me, Niri :-)...
One call me, EAMA= Mother in Hebrew..(Yarin, my son).. my other son, Saar call me, NIRA.. :-) And it's FINE With me... Few rarely call me, Nira'le...
Thanks for visiting.. May your day be full with SMILES.. Love from Israel.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Peter Rivron 18 Oct 2011

Both are beautiful photos Dear Nira...

KC CHANG 17 Oct 2011


Elaine Cruickshank 16 Oct 2011

Beautiful portraits, Nira.

Karen Helsing 14 Oct 2011

Very well done.

Mary Janosik 14 Oct 2011

Smiles are contagious and beautiful in us all!! May all that brings joy to you, be with you each day, Nira!!