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A collections of Nira's Smiles from different times (2 years old - 47 years old )

Image below, is one of my famous SMILES, Especially at AW Site... since it was my avatar for long time, and many commented on it.
Click on the upper image will show you larger image.

Every day is a change.. Every minute is a CHANGE..
As we change our SMILE Changes with us, due to physical aspects,circumstances of life, moods & Aging..
A smile has it's own meaning........ sometimes different smiles have different meanings..
As i many times say ( and i feel it also:-).. A smile brings a SMILE..

" Please smile, so i can see your tooth "... She used to say to me... used to be my best friend once...
Closing another circle with this...
Thanks for viewing and commenting... SMILE..!!
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

Ruth Kauffman 21 Apr 2013

All are so lovely, Nira!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs...

joost 19 Apr 2013


Anonymous Guest 19 Apr 2013


Peter Rivron 18 Oct 2011

Beautiful collection of photos Nira...

KC CHANG 17 Oct 2011