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"Red Zeppelin,"c.2011, is an acrylic painting on a "16 x 20" canvas. It is a fantasy battle coming from the take it from there. this a dreamscape piece, which came to me in a dream one night!!


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Anna-Marie Evans 14 Nov 2014

The title definitely fits! Love this!

Artist Reply: This was a fun, fictional piece,...though the bridge in the background is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! thanks for loving this piece because I think it turned out great for an acrylic piece.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Oct 2011

I like it very much...real intense story to be that you have done here. This would make a good book or video cover.

Artist Reply: So much for your gracious compliments...I always appreciate hearing from other people regarding my pieces. But yours is added the comment that made my day. I have painted the logo for a band called, "Night Owl," from Texas...but no one has yet said these wonderful words, "This would make a good book or video cover." This one gives me extra hope that this will happen some day!!