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Life is a Journey..

During Sep, 2011 my son, Saar together with group of 150 pupils from his school visited Poland.
They traveled mostly concentration camps, learning about the HOLOCAUST Subject from a closer look.
During their stay there,they light candles.. made ceremonies in memory of 6 million Jewish, that were exterminated in Holocaust. .
During their 7 days stay in Poland, we followed them from far (here) in photos and videos, that were posted 3 times a day in a special site.
The teenagers age 17+ had a special, different experience. Each time, I looked at the photos, i felt part of this experience.

Upper photo is one of many photos, that were posted in "following journey" site, during their visit. My son Saar can be seen there (right)..
( today you can click on the photo to enlarge it)
The bottom photo is another photo of part of his class.

The video below was taken in Auschwitz, My son Saar also can be seen there.. though, his spoken part, is not seen.

Next month the parents will have a special day with the kids at school, in this subject.

Thanks for visiting...
Wishing you the best..
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Karen Helsing 12 Oct 2011

I imagine the scene was very sobering to Saar and his friends.

KC CHANG 08 Oct 2011


M Smith 06 Oct 2011

What an awesome opportunity for them to take this trip!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 05 Oct 2011

I was in Dachau... and it's impressionable and very emotional touching to visit a place like that! I can imagine what they feel being there...

Olga van Dijk 05 Oct 2011

Impressive, dear Nira.... We have such programs in Holland too.