Creepy little pic isn't it? It was going to be the three in a group hug, I wounder how it turned into this!?! As you can see, Sora is in his spiffy new outfit *from Kingdom Hearts 2, coming out next year's september >_<* I can't wait. How did they end up in "The End of the World" level? I don't know, this whole picture did what it wanted to do. I had no controll of it what so ever. XD Kairi is just sitting out there doing nothing. I tried to add a tear but I guess it didn't show up. Strange strange strange...

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meisje 08 Oct 2011


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Jun 2005

Geez Kairi do something! Sora's getting choked to death! Good work

Andrew marshall 29 May 2005

thats a good game;i like the chibi-ish heads^^

Kaylyn Sly 19 Apr 2005

so sad, oh well as always you did a good job. but why does he have to be starangling the other guy?