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Evening of Rosh Ha'Shana today.
New year card, Warsaw 1912- 1918. From the national library, Warsaw.
On the card written in Hebrew words : leshana tova = for a good year... and also there's few lines in Yiddish.( I don't understand Yiddish.. though my grandparents, on my mother side used to speak it )

Behind this card written, and i assume, it's the translation :
" Travel quickly aloft, my blessing,/ A new year will soon be here. Bring contentment and hope to my sweetheart,/ Bring her luck and good cheer.

Thanks for visiting... LE'SHANA TOVA= FOR HAPPY YEAR. Shana Tova!!
Copyrights not mine ;-)...

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 04 Oct 2014

You have really hit the nail right on the Head! Fabulous Creation! Lovely and has a gentle feeling!

Karen Helsing 11 Oct 2011

How lovely!

Elaine Cruickshank 03 Oct 2011

What a beautiful historic and romantic card. Thanks for sharing this precious New Year card.

KC CHANG 02 Oct 2011


Sigridur Bachmann 01 Oct 2011

So very romantic and beautiful !