Eiffel Tower

I'm not much of a photographer but I took a stab at it. This is a picture of the Eiffel Tower going up the elevator to the top. The car had a window on the backside and this is the view. No one else seemed to notice this view so I took a couple pictures and this is the result. Let me know what you think!

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marc doutherd 02 Feb 2006

Very nice! Paris is cool huh?

gregg dutcher 06 Dec 2005

Just too cool,...excellent view!!!

Emily Reed 14 May 2005

Wow, exquisite.

Lucinda Cooper 09 May 2005

kaleidoscopic conquest of engineering - looks like

Clif Jackson 17 Jan 2005

Wonderful shot. If you didn't know better, it could have been taken on the space station!