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Bad To The Bone

Bu-Bu-Bu-Bad to the Bone – A Bad to the Bone Ford Falcon Ranchero complete with neon glo – Ha! Great old song inspired this crazy pix I made the other day. Some may recall I like to shoot pix at night – lots of cool lights. Cars look shinier – People look better (some need it darker than others and only occasionally is a blindfold called for) and Neon Rocks the Night! Now all of us have seen neon signs and a few have seen neon accented high-rises, but only the night-people have seen neon lighting the road beneath cars and it is hilarious. Usually some tuner is tooling down the thoroughfare with the blue glow of argon beneath his ride – it’s crazy! I still haven’t decided how I feel about it – if they can get the whole car to glow instead of head and tail lights and tie in the engine rpm with how brightly the lights shine, then I’m for it – Ha!!! Okay – business end of making pix – some people demand this info and I simply must provide it for them due to my love of all mankind (for progressives it’s all “human kind” – if the world ever goes primitive again they’ll have a hard time what with meat, fire, smoke, feudalism and of course – no neon!!!) Anyway enough fun for me – let’s carry on – - – okay Canon G11, wide angle 6.1mm, iso 80, 1/60th sec., f3.5 with three exposures (-1,0,+1) spun together in Photomatix Pro (to save me a couple hours workflow which I appreciate and then the whole thing cut apart and remixed as a manipulated image b/c I cannot drive 55 and then marked with a “B” and baked in the oven for my baby and me – and that is how you make a freakin’ night exposure complete with A/C and D/C neon to-go including the fries! Woot! ~:0) VivaChas!


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Karen Helsing 10 Sep 2011

Very interesting. I get the feel it's an expression of the ratrace feeling underneath the surface of society. You might check out my picture, Ratrace Contradiction.

Artist Reply: Yeah maybe so - also it's an entry into a competition related to neon at night (natch) - So I created a bunch of "fake-neon" on a heavily composited set of my images and threw it in the ring - now's the waiting ~:0) VivaChas!

jamie winter 10 Sep 2011


Artist Reply: Thanks Jamie - your comments help me to carry on - funny how each of us has someone who needs our encouragement - you are a pearl and much appreciated ~:0) VivaChas!