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Song of Courage by K Henderson

Song of Courage, 30 x 30 oil on linen This Plains Indian wears a headdress of beads, feathers, bells and ermine tails. his face is painted white with a blue-black hand print The hand painted on the face is a Coup Mark, a sign of bravery. To be first to touch the enemy was regarded as the bravest deed of all, it was even a point of bravado for a single warrior to rush in among the enemy and strike one with quirt, coup stick or gun before attempting to fire, thus risking his own life. my blog


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Kaidan Whitehouse 29 Jan 2012

Your work is absolutely astounding! These seem not like typical portraits, but actually capture the spirit of these people. It really seems that each one you have painted that they are ready to move and speak.

John Sweeney 09 Sep 2011

Amazing work!

Artist Reply: Thank you John

Olga Naletova 07 Sep 2011

Simply fabulous realism and style! I love this work

Artist Reply: Thanks Olga!

Mark Peterson 05 Sep 2011

Once again excellent work.

Artist Reply: Thanks again Mark
Artist Reply: Thanks for the nice comment Mark

Nancy Jeresko 03 Sep 2011

This: as all your masterpieces are wonderful!